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A question recently came to us asking about the portion in the original Shepherd’s Rod tract entitled “The Entering Wedge” which appears to advocate the use of drugs contrary to the counsel found in the Spirit of Prophecy.



We would like to make the audio Rod available soon to be ordered, in English and Spanish, and we should be working soon on a new format for the Rod data CD. 


Question No. 111:

Concerning what she writes, Sister White says, "I was shown" or "taken in vision." May I ask how we can believe in "The Shepherd's Rod" literature if its contents were not revealed in like manner--by a miracle?


It is never safe for one to base his decision regarding a message from the Lord on the manner in which it is received. Supernatural experiences are not the strongest evidence of one's connection with Divine power. In fact, they are not necessarily proof at all, for there are many doctrines and faiths built upon one miracle or another and yet wholly devoid of truth. And no one should overlook the fact that the forthcoming delusion which is to sweep the world is to be empowered by miracles, even to bringing fire from heaven (Rev. 13:13, 14). Nevertheless, by the Word of God we are warned not to be led away with it.

Neither should one forget that not all the prophets of the Bible had trance-visions. David and Solomon recorded, not what was given them in vision, but what they received through other means. And John the Baptist was called even more than a prophet, yet there is not a single prophetic utterance recorded by him, nor is there any record that he was ever taken into trance and given visions. He was merely an interpreter of the writings of the prophets. Thus God spoke at sundry times in divers manners to His prophets (Heb. 1:1).

It should be noticed, though, that only a small portion of Sister White's writings was received through trance-vision. And the things shown in such visions are, as a rule, prophetic--looking forward to some future event--and, more or less, an addition to the prophecies, not interpretative of them.

Evidently God's people at this particular time are not in need of visions, but rather of interpreters of the visions of the prophets of old which are not as yet understood. And that is what He has seen fit to give us so that we may understand the Bible. This is the greatest miracle connected with The Shepherd's Rod, (See illustration in Tract No. 6, Why Perish, 1944 edition, p. 18.)

But let your faith be not in miracles or in man's experiences, but in the revelations of His prophetic Word.

And now the only safe and sane procedure is to read closely every page of the solemn message contained in The Shepherd's Rod publications. Let not a line escape your attention. Study every word carefully and prayerfully. Be earnest and diligent in your perusal of Truth, and "prove all things; hold fast that which is good." 1 Thess. 5:21.

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