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 Building #8
The Administration Building
Building 8 Under Construction 1938
The first floor were offices and mercantile.
The second floor was the office girls dorm, chapel, storage for books, libary, and Brother & Sister Houteff Living quarters.
Office Building #8 in 1939
End View
Houteff's living quarters on top story end three rooms and his desk area on left side first floor of building.
Office Building 8
1942 or 43
Notice the small trees in the front.
Building 8 in late 1940's early 1950's
Notice the hedge made a beautiful accent to the front of the building.  A pink flowered vine growing on homemade lattus work around the window helped to keep out the afternoon sun. 
Office Building #8 Winter 1947
Winter of Ice Storm
Building 8 Early 1950's
Building 8 West end
Entrance to Chapel and office girls dorm.


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