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Mount Caramel Center's old entrance,
The original 12 arrived there May 24, 1935
The Hill that Answered Their Prayers
They were looking at three sites in the state of Texas, the last one they went to was Waco. Brother Houteff, Elder E.T. Wilson, and M.L. Deiter were looking for the property.  When they got to Waco and were looking at the property they did not like it. It was much to rocky.

When they saw the woman who was selling the property she did not want to sell this particular hill, she wanted it to build her own home on. This was not acceptable because that would mean breaking up the property.  So they went back to the motel to petition the Lord for guidance, it was decided that if the woman would sell, without them asking her, the entire property for $8 dollars per acre, the amount she had originally asked for, that the Lord wanted them to buy this piece of land.

They met with her the next morning, before they were able to say anything she said, "Oh, I decided to sell the hill for the same price as the rest of the property."  So they new that hill was their answer, that they should buy the Waco property.

This entrance next to Highway 6, which is now Valley Mills Hwy.
( For more on the purchase of Mount Carmel read Symbolic Code Vol. 1, #10 p. 3.)

The reason for this kind of gate is because Brother Houteff said, "The Lord is protecting this place, we need no gates, guard dogs, or guns."  The only gates we had were to keep the live stock in place.

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