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Area Around B-8 & ect. . .

Building Number 7
    Barn which stands only a short space from the administration center.
    Was converted into a wood-work shop and lumber yard, which made our furniture on Mount Carmel.
    This building 7 was built in 39 to 40.
Also this barn stored our grain from our harvest, which is being loaded now into the barn. 
    It was bought in the early 40's. Bulldozer that made all the terraces on the hills so we could have more growing space.
(Picture Of Peach Orchard Temporary.)
Peach Orchard
    Best Peaches In Texas, Being Sold In Mount Carmel Saleway.
    On Highway 6 Near Lake Waco.
    Being Sold By A. G. Smith, Was The Sales- Man.
The New printing House was first used for Brother Houteff's Funeral.  Then  in 1957 we moved to the new Mount Carmel. 
Construction of the Amphitheater

    When finished it could have held at least 10,000 people. 

    It was terraced so those setting could view the person on the natural earth platform below. 

    When the land was sold in the late 1950's it was filled in and houses were built on it.

This is gate Number 1 by Highway 6 on the way to Building 8. The Kings Highway from this point was one mile long. It also continued from B-8 to the camp.
    The earliest picture of the Kings Highway before improvements.

Kings Highway on the way to Building 8.
    Dam 1 was one of the mile stones along the way on the Kings Highway headed toward Building 8.  The dam did not work out because it could not hold water.

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